At FSMA, we believe that all companies, regardless of size, should have a food safety and quality management system that enables the production of the highest quality, safe, legal food.  Unfortunately, for many companies that level of excellence comes with a price tag that, until FSMA, was nearly unattainable.

Food Safety Management Associates is your one stop food safety resource.  Our dedicated team of food safety scientists and compliance experts will help you manage your food safety and quality program without the higher expense associated with having that team of professionals in-house.​

Food Safety Management Associates offers

Open enrollment and closed, your company only courses on:

Preventive Controls for Human Food - the only FDA recognized curriculum to satisfy the requirement for having a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) to manage the FDA/FSMA mandated Food Safety System.

Environmental Monitoring - this course is designed to help you develop a risk based environmental monitoring system for your facility that is cost effective and compliant with all regulatory requirements.

HACCP - the core of the food safety system.  This course teaches the actual development of a HACCP Plan, geared toward compliance with FDA & Preventive Controls rule.  This is an indepth course that explores the associated hazards, determining risk (including intentional adulteration and food fraud), and management of that risk.
Supply Chain Controls - the new rules have set standards and requirements for the manufacturer of food for public consumption that includes extensive controls on where raw materials can come from and how raw material suppliers should be reviewed and approved.  This course will enable you to develop a fully FDA/GFSI compliant Supplier and Raw Material Approval Program.
There are more training programs available, and we can also customize trainings for your company and product lines, from 1 hour mini-courses to multi-day, in-depth workshops.  Please contact us directly for more information.  www.my-fsma.com