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Deborah Shapos,   BS, MBA, CHA     

Edward J Lukaszek
CEO, Biotrax Testing Laboratory 

Deb is our food safety and compliance guru. She heads our team in developing and managing your food safety program. Expert in developing food safety management programs that comply with GFSI and the new FSMA regulations, she will help guide you and your company into a manageable program that meets all international, federal, state and local requirements, and then help you maintain that program throughout the years.
Ed is known as the Science Guy. As Director of Laboratory Services, Ed oversees all the food and environmental safety testing of your food safety management program. Expert in developing testing protocols for your finished products and plant safety testing, Ed will help ensure that the foods you sell are safe while protecting your bottom line.

Tom Muscarella
Senior Project Manager,
Pathogen and Water Quality Operations

Steve Heine
Allergen and Quality Indicator
Implementation Specialist

Tom is our project manager and environmental testing and implementation specialist. He keeps it all moving smoothly, and help keep your food safety management program up to date. Expert in food safety testing, Tom is also one of our go to guys to get the results fast, accurate and back to you faster than you ever thought possible.
Steve is our food allergen expert. He will help you with managing your allergen program, develop validation and verification testing protocols and ensure the accuracy and dependability of the program.

Tricia Lukaszek
Quality Indicator Specialist and
Customer Satisfaction

Manuel Ortiz
Food Safety Specialist, ELISA Technologies

 “Manny" is your ‘Go-To’ guy for all your food allergen testing.  He will work with Deb on developing a food safety allergen testing matrix that will support your GFSI and FDA/FSMA requirements. With his knowledge and expertise you can be confident in the allergen testing results.  Plus, the turn-around time on testing is the fastest in the industry! 
Tricia is one of our best kept secrets. She is the Laboratory Implementation Specialist who will verify your food safety laboratory program, keep it on track and even go the extra mile for you when those unforeseen ‘I need it yesterday’ moments happen.

Edward J Lukaszek
Edward Sr. Quality Assurance Officer

Ed,Sr., is our Quality Assurance expert.  He oversees all the testing protocols and supports all FSMA’s projects from training to testing and beyond.  He’s our QA and yours, too.